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Bettering Your Health Starts TodayMemberships

Are you ready to take steps toward bettering your health? We’re ready to help. With our membership packages, you’ll have everything you need and more to improve your overall help. We have packages tailored to adult women, adult men, couples, young adults, and adults with adolescents! Learn more about what our Complete Care Clinic membership includes below.

What's Included

  • - Any of the items from our services provided list. Telehealth / virtual visits are included.
  • - Prescriptions at cost (from Hines Pharmacy - whatever wholesale price the pharmacy pays is the cost the patient pays).
  • - 20% off vitamins and supplements from Hines Pharmacy (
  • - Lab work at cost (what Quest charges us is what the patient pays).
  • - Imaging test at cost with transparent pricing offered from Midwest Springfield Imaging.

Interested in a membership at Complete Care Clinic?Complete the Membership Contract Below :

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Learn more about our membership packages below.

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Adult Age 27+

This membership is for adults ages 27 and older. Non-member visits for acute or primary care issues are $75.

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Adult Couple

This membership is for adult couples. Couples will pay $180 per month.

Adolescents Ages 12-18 w/ Adult
Adult + $40PER MONTH

This membership includes the addition of an adolescent age 12-18 with an adult member. Adolescents ages 12-18 on their own membership will be $60 per month. 

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Young adults age 19-26

This membership is for young adults ages 19-26. They will pay $85 per month. Non-members who are 19-26 years old will pay $75 for a single visit.